Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude Bears came in the mail today! 

They also sent the kids dog tags that you can put a photo in, some books, notebooks with pens attached, and silly bobble head pens. The kids were thrilled to get their "daddy bears" and everyone is currently in bed snuggling away. When Richard gets home from training we'll go out and take photos with him and each kid for their dog tag.

Yesterday Mr. Murphy (Murphy's Law) came to visit me. I got out of the car to re-buckle a kid, and when I shut the door my driver's side window shattered. So - add that to my to-do list! At least when we got home from the store we got to have a little excitement for our day. I drove in the parking lot to find a wild turkey running though the yard! I lived in the middle of nowhere my entire life, and I don't remember seeing a single turkey that wasn't in the oven - but I move to town and have one in my yard. Kyson ended up being very annoyed with me over the entire thing because I wouldn't let him hunt it.

Today we ran some errands and went to the store. Let's just say this mommy cannot wait for day care day on Friday so I can finish my shopping in peace! Kyson, Korby, and Kaden will be going to day care one morning a week so I can run around town and do the things I need to do. It will also be nice to get some special time with my girls without all those wild boys around. :)

I did manage to get supplies for my laundry soap, and mixed up a new batch today. 

                  Grated Soap                                     Boiling Soap
Mixing w/ Borax & Washing Powder                All Done! 

We use the Duggar Family Recipe for our soap and love how well it cleans. This soap and vinegar are pretty much the only cleaners I use in the house anymore. It saves so much money and I don't have to inhale all those nasty chemicals all the time. 

Well it's time for me to do my bed routine so I can get some sleep before my minions are up and at it for another day! 

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