Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love/Hate Bedtime

I have a new love/hate relationship with my kids bedtime. I love that my house calms down, but I hate the quiet. All day long there is cleaning to do, booboos to kiss, stories to read, and games to play...  In the quiet is when the thoughts start to bubble up and I miss my husband being around. He's only gone for annual training right now, but deployment is just around the corner ~ so it's hard not to think about what's going to happen while he's away for so long. ~*sigh*~

We're still doing the GFCF diet with Kaitee. I found out it's much easier to make 4 big meals, plate it up, and freeze them for school lunches. Right now I have the rest of March's school lunches in my freezer and I've ordered tv dinner style plates so we can do this again until school's out for summer. I've been blessed with a non-picky ASD eater & that has helped big time.

We also started doing the House Fairy around here with the boys. It's working beautifully! Kyson got his first gift from her, and Korby was so bummed out over it that he spent the entire afternoon cleaning his own room.

Other than that not much 'new' has been going on. I'll try and get some photos posted this week since keeping up with my blog is going to be my project to keep busy while hubby is away.

Time for this mama to find a good book and curl up for the night.

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