Sunday, March 25, 2012

First week - CHECK!

Well we made it through our first week of daddy being gone. Two more to go until we get him home for a bit before the big 'see you later.' I finally started getting asked where he is and when he'll be home ... they are use to him being gone a few days at a time for drill weekends, so it took a bit before they started to notice he's been away too long. 
This week I got an email saying they have sent the kids Operation: Gratitude teddy bears for each of the kids! They are teddy bears with camo shirts for children who's parents are deployed to love on. 

We made it to the park this week, and the kids had a blast on the swings. I'm so happy spring is here and we can get out and have some fun. Next time I'll actually take my camera so I can get some good photos of the kids. I did get one with my cell phone - 


Basically, we're just counting down the days until we get daddy home. This mommy is sure missing her partner in crime! I really miss hearing Kenleigh freak out when she hears the key in the door when Richard comes home from work. It's going to be a long year... 

Finally uploaded my camera photos onto my computer... 

(Christmas 2011)

Aunty Savannah & Kenleigh
(Christmas 2011)

Kyson playing with my camera

Mom & Dad
(Christmas 2011) 

Aunty Savannah & the big kids
(Christmas Morning 2011) 

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