Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going G-Free

I've toyed with the idea of going gluten free for quite awhile because of Kaitee's autism diagnosis, but ideas are as far as it's ever gone. Until today when a friend started a support group for gluten free living. Many of these ladies have shared how much better they feel since going g-free, and how different (weird) they feel after they've cheated one day. So it's time to take FlyLady's advice - "Why not today?!" -  I've started a menu and shopping list, and starting tomorrow morning this will be a gluten free house.
I called Kaitee's teacher and told her we're going g-free, and I will now be sending lunches to school. She is very supportive of the decision thanks to all the good things she has read about gluten and autism spectrum disorders.

I'm very excited start, and even more excited to see if there are any changes with the kids and myself. I can not wait to learn from the group, and share this journey with all of you.

Our menu for the remainder of this week
(still a bit in progress


Amy Soiseth said...

Way to go Bekah! You're a good mama:-) I know you don't have allergies to gluten at your house, but the pediatric allergist told me that unless you buy specifically gluten free oats grown on dedicated fields, they probably aren't gluten free because of cross contamination. Just wanted to share that since I saw oatmeal on your menu :-)

Anna Steen said...

Great job mama!!! this is honestly the hardest part, starting something new! I'm reading about the GAPS diet right now and how it can heal the gut/ problem you really should read it! here's the link for the intro diet>
and here's some of the testimonials too
if you have a question or wanna talk GF feel free to call or FB message me, good luck!