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Welcome Back!

Last winter I had been email a guy who was interested in purchasing our camper and when he came up to see it he mentioned that he had clicked on the link to my blog in my email signature. He asked me why I didn’t write on it anymore, because I was a good writer and it was a shame to let it go to waste.
Well, almost a year later, I’ve decided it’s time to quit procrastinating and get back into writing! I hope you’ll enjoy reading the new blog posts as much as I enjoy writing on it.

An Introduction and Update:
While reading my old blog posts I realized I’m more behind than I thought I was - We lived in Ohio, Kyson was 2, and Korby was our baby! My oh my how life has changed.
The Koon family once again lives in North Dakota, but this time near a very small town called Egeland. We did live in Williston for awhile when we ventured back, but the housing crunch forced us to look else ware. I must say I’m happy with our current arrangement (not to mention that our rent here in less than you could rent a closet for in Williston!).
Richard drives about 80 miles a day round trip to work in Devils Lake at Sears. The love he has for his job and rapport he has with his boss makes up for every gallon of fuel it takes to get to work. He is still a member of the North Dakota National Guard and continues to attend drill in Williston. The kids and I took advantage of his drill weekends to spend some quality time with my parents this summer at the farm. Richard also took numerous trips on the train this past fall to Williston to help my dad with harvest. We missed having him home on his days off, but he and dad got a lot of work accomplished and spent tons of quality time together.
Like I said before, in my last blog update Kyson was just 2 years old. Now our little boy is the ripe old age of 5 (turning 6 in February). He attends school in Munich where he is a kindergartner in the morning and a preschooler in the afternoons. Munich is such an academic school (the main reason we chose to go outside of our district and place the kids there) that he was already behind the kindergartners, but rather than pull him out the teacher suggested we do this arrangement and then kindergarten again next year.
He loves going to school and has made a lot of friends. Sometimes these friendships get them into mischief though. Last week I was getting ready to go out and wait for the bus when I got a phone call, it was Dexter’s father calling to let me know Kyson would not be getting off the bus at my home because he had already gotten off the bus at their home. …. Excuse me? …. Apparently Dexter had been telling his mom for days that he wanted to have a party, but she really didn’t think much about it and told him that yes one of these days he could have a party. Well that particular day Dexter decided was a good day for the said party and proceeded to invite his buddies…. So, Kyson and another little boy ended up at Dexter’s! We all got a good laugh out of the inner workings of 5 year old brains that day! (PS The school is now making sure this doesn’t happen again)
Kaitee is now 4 and also attends Munich School. She rides the bus with Kyson and attends speech therapy and special education classes on alternating days. For those who do not know, Kaitee has some developmental delays that we are working on finding the cause of. She recently had a tube placed in one of her ears and our next step is going to see a children’s psychologist. Her teachers are amazing and very supportive ~ I don’t think we could have asked for a better team!
Since her tube placement she has started mimicking people when they talk or make sounds. She loves mocking facial expressions in the mirror with people and loves songs that have actions that go with them.
He latest WOW moment was the other day while I was vacuuming, I came back in the living room to check on the kids and Kaitee was putting a diaper on the new baby. She had unbuttoned her onsie, taken off the old diaper, and put a new diaper on perfectly. She did this all without waking up the 3 week old!
Korby …. Need I say more? Oh, that’s right, some of you don’t know him yet! Korby is no longer our baby but our loving, wild, sometimes crazy, but always comical 3 year old. Korby’s current nickname in our house is Rain Man, because the kid is never quiet and will repeat the same 5 things to you 50 times an hour. The other night he was trying everything he could to get out of bed; “I have to go to the bathroom,” “I need a drink,” “I’m a good boy,” “I’m chocolate cereal,” (don’t ask, because we don’t know) “daddy, guess what, I love you.” Rinse / Repeat!
However, for every time he annoys us with his chatter he makes up for it ten fold with his love and charm. Korby is the child who always has a hug, kiss, and I love you ready for you. He’s the child who tells you he’s sorry even if he didn’t do whatever happened in the first place. Today I was busy in the kitchen and the baby started crying, so he hopped up on the bed and stroked her cheek and said, “it’s ok, we’re all here.” I could list off a thousand more reasons why I love this little boy, but I think you get the picture!
An now we get to the part of the post where I introduce the blog world to our newest additions!
Kaden Richard joined the Koon family in May of 2009. We were living in Williston at the time, but had made a trip to Ohio for one of Richard’s best friend’s wedding. We knew I would probably have the baby on the trip because I was 40 weeks, but this was a wedding we were not going to miss! So we loaded up the kids, a birth kit, and a car seat and managed to make it to Ohio without having to pull over for a birthing! Caleb had told me if I didn’t have the baby before the wedding that I had to wait until he said, “I do,” well apparently Kaden listened because I started having my first contractions as people we leaving the Church for the reception. I attended the dinner, dance, and even a bit of an after party with my husband while in early labor. Then I drove my husband home and tried to get some sleep, but ended up sitting up in labor until early morning when I woke Richard up and told him it was time to hit the hospital. Most probably think I’m crazy, but I wasn’t going to tell Richard he couldn’t attend a wedding that meant so much to him, I wasn’t going to stay home and have a baby without my husband, and I would not trade the memory of Kaden’s birth story for the world!
Kaden is now 18 months old and thinks he runs the show. He has figured out how to get into just about everything in our house and has a current obsession with flushing the toilet. We tease him about being naughty and he’ll just turn around, give you one of those charm your pants off grins, and then spank his own bottom! “woop-a-butt”
And finally, the baby! Kenleigh Grace entered our lives on November 23rd. She weighed in at 5 lbs 12 oz and was 19” long - by far our smallest bundle of joy. She is now 3 weeks old and does all the fabulous newborn things - like nurse, sleep, nurse, sleep … etcetera, and so on, and so forth. Just like all of my babies she is not a big crier and loves to snuggle. Kenleigh was born at Mercy Hospital in Devils Lake with her daddy and grandma (my birth mother) in attendance. Nothing completes an adopted woman’s life like having her birth mother being able to attend the birth of her own child.
Another story worth mentioning here is about how Kenleigh got her middle name (up until the following events Kenleigh didn‘t have a middle name we could agree on). My dad suffered a massive stroke in early November. His brain was swelling bigger and faster than the doctors had seen in a stroke patient at St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck, so all of us kids rushed to the hospital to be at his and mom’s sides. They ended up taking him in for a life saving surgery to remove the entire right hemisphere of his skull the night after the stroke. While sitting in the waiting room with my siblings and other extended family we began talking about all of the trials and health issues our family has overcome. Cindy’s stroke, Matt’s accident, Ken’s burns, Mom’s Parkinson’s (still an issue but she’s doing well with her treatments), Susie’s health, ect… Cindy finally said, “Our Family sure has a lot of grace” - BAM that was it, the light bulb went off! Kenleigh Grace.
Mom & Dad both loved it, both because of where it came from and because it goes along perfectly with the middle names they chose for Savannah and I, Hope & Joy.

And now for my update/intro. I am blessed to be a stay at home mom to these 5 little ones and a wife to the man who makes that possible. I found out shortly after moving here why God had this move as part of his plan for me - I now have an amazing Church family in Egeland at LakeView Lutheran. This Church and the pastor are just what I had been looking for to grow in my faith.
I am adopted. (You can read about my search and reunion on my old blog) Thanks to a Facebook page that I am no longer a part of, I realized that a lot of adopted people despise the fact they were adopted, this is not my feeling at all. I am thankful each and every day that I have two families who love me. I have a birth mother and birth father who loved me so much that they did what must be one of the hardest things to do - they gave me to another family so I could have more than what they could provide me. I have this amazing family who accepted me with love and never made me feel like I wasn’t every bit as much a part of the family as they were. I truly feel sorry for other adoptees who don’t know what blessings I know through the adoption process.
We now live about 30 miles from my birth mother and her other children and I have enjoyed getting to spend time with them over the last year. I hope to get to spend more time with my birth father as well, but his job includes a lot of travel that hinders that a bit right now.
That’s enough about me for now, as you’ll get to find out more about me through my posts.

I hope you’ll continue to come back and enjoy this crazy ride of life with me and my family.

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