Tuesday, March 11, 2008

something I sent to Cindy

I wanted to share an email I sent to Cindy. It talks a bit about where I am right now.

Wanted to share my new tattoo with you. I've wanted to get it for awhile, and now felt like the perfect time.

The triangle is for me (the adoptee), my birth family, & my adopted family.

The last week has been a very though provoking time for me. I've been reading through all my books about adoption again - not 'manual' books or anything, just stories about adopted people. One of my favorites I came upon by accident. I was at the Minot train depot & the library leaves old books there for people to take on their train journey. Well I just grabbed a book off of it for something to do... turned out to be about a girl who found out she was adopted & she decides to search for her birth mother. Molly by Any Other Name

Mom & Dad enjoyed reading my non-identifying information. Dad cried as I predicted. - They said they remembered it like it was yesterday as they read through about the day they came to get me. This whole search has brought us so much closer together - mostly because I can't wait to call and tell them every little bit of new information when I get it from you. I'm sure they feel like they are a part of the process. I hope one day we'll all have a chance to meet (mom & dad, me, and Donna).

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