Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Adoption

I talked to Cindy today (Cindy is the one doing my adoption search). She said she just worked on my file yesterday & got ahold of an obit for my great grandmother - so now she is going through the uncles to find a number for my birth mom or grandmother. She had my file on the desk right infront of her ... do you know how painful that was for me? She has a million bits of information about my adoption... but can't tell me anything. I crave so much to know something... anything.

She said I should have my non-identifying information next week - so I'll be like a vulture on that mail man!

If you know me at all you know I'm not a hurry up and wait kind of person ... so this is driving me crazy!

I'm not looking for a new mommy or anything.... but there is this whole other family out there that looks like me.... that shares my blood line.... the deepest parts of my soul yearn to know them.

I so much want that phone call from Cindy saying she had contact with my birthmother.

I so much want her to agree to some kind of contact with me...

so if your reading this ... and your the praying kind... pray she'll find her.... pray my b/m will understand my need/want/craving for knowing her...

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