Monday, October 29, 2007

What's New

Thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone on our family.

We're all moved into our new place now - it's quite a bit smaller, but that works out better for our family. When I get a chance I'll post some photos of our new 'crib'.

Richard began working for Walmart in May of this year. He is employed in the tire and lube center and enjoys putting some of his skills to use again. He reenlisted with the National Guard this year also, so it's another six years of driving to McConnelsville once a month for drill. However, we have been talking about him enlisting in the active Army sometime in the future. There could be some major changes for the Koon household in the near future - we'll be sure to keep you posted. When Richard is not working he enjoys riding the new 4-wheeler or playing X-box.

Kyson is 2 years & 8 months old now. He loves Thomas the Train and Cars (or 'Kachow' as he likes to call it). He also enjoys picking on his little sister, but we see the end to that comming soon as Kaitee has started to fight back in a big way! Kyson is mommy's little helper when it comes to Korby. Whenever he sees his brother crying he'll run over and put a binkie in his mouth and make sure he's covered up. Every morning when he gets up he goes over and gives Korby kisses and he says, "hi bubby!"
Kyson's hero is his uncle Shawn (or 'aush'). When we're at home all I hear is 'aush' this and 'aush' that, and when we're at Tina's it's always c'mon 'aush'. He looks up to that boy so much! He loves it when Shawn takes him under the house to play trucks in the dirt or when they play guns - I guess you could say Shawn has a two foot tall shadow right now!

Kaitee is 19 months old. She use to be our little princess, but now she's more like our little brute. She finally started walking a few months ago ... and now we can't stop her! She has also figured out that she can fight back against Kyson's attacks, and sometimes I think she's out for blood. With Korby she'll be all lovey to him, but then she'll steal his binkie and RUN! Kaitee is a papaw & mamaw Koon girl ~ but if papaw is around you'd never know she likes mamaw! She has started talking ... though we don't understand much of it. One of the things that she says that we do understand is Shut Up Dogs - which she picked up from mamaw yelling at the 50 million dogs in Doanville.

Korby will be 6 months old Thursday. I can't believe it's been 1/2 a year already! He is my big boy - far outweighing his brother and sister at this age. He rolls over now and can sit up with help. Korby is definately a mamam's boy - that could be because I'm his food sorce though! He doesn't really 'do' much yet other than normal baby stuff, but he really enjoys watching Kyson and Kaitee play ... you can just see it in his face how much he wants to GO with them.

I'm keeping busy with the kids and really enjoy being a stay at home mom. I'm working on getting things lined up so that I can start selling PartyLite candles next month. It will be nice having a little extra income for our family as well as having some adult time for this mommy! (And if things go well I might even be able to go on some vacations with my sister thanks to PartyLite!) My days are filled with playing with kids, working on the internet, talking to family on the phone, and sometimes I even get some housework done!

Something we're really looking forward to is my mom and dad comming down to visit next month! We haven't seen them since Jan. 4th so we're all super excited to see them again. I can't wait to have photos of my kids with my parents ... to show them where we live ... and just enjoy having them around. I get so homesick sometimes and it's going to be nice having a piece of home here for awhile. *sniff* I miss my mommy & daddy! I only wish EVERYONE could come down here! *hint hint*

Well if I'm going to get anything done tomorrow I better get off this darn computer and get myself to bed.

so.... incase I don't see you good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

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MizzouMama said...

Love all the pics! Those pumpkins turned out excellent didn't they?! Glad ya'll are all moved in and doing well!!