Saturday, July 14, 2007

Alot of Nothing

Not much has been going on with us lately. Richard is working at Wal-Mart now for anyone who doesn't know. He is a tire & lube tech there. The kids and I either sit a home and play or head over to Tina's to spend time in the pool.
Kaitee & Korby LOVE the pool! Kyson itsn't all that fond of it ~ he's fallen in a few times, so he pretty much stays away now. He does enjoy playing in his sandbox & really likes going under Tina's house with Shawn and Justin. (they have some dirt tracks under there that they play dirtbikes on)
Richard got a new 4wheeler this year so on his off days he and Kyson are usually out on that.
Tomorrow we're heading up to Seneca Lake for the Guard Family Fun Day. It sounds like they have alot to do up there so I'll have alot of photos to share with you all tomorrow!

Hope everyone's family is doing well ~ drop me an email and let us know what you are all up to!

Oh... and my new niece is here! Traci (Richard's sister) had Iris Maya on July 5th at 2:46 AM at Traci & Peter's home. Pete's mom, Traci's mom (Tina), Pete, and the midwives were all there for her birth ~ Pete's dad, Traci's brother Adam, Traci's dad & step dad were all downstairs waiting as well. Iris actually had perfect timing as Pete's parents didn't get there until midnight (they live 8 hours away in New Jersey) and Adam & Darrell had to leave for work at 3 am!
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