Thursday, February 21, 2013

I miss my other 1/2

Nights really stink. I'm so tired, but sleep won't come...

I miss him.

I miss his smell. I miss the way he touches me. I miss that feeling I get when he walks in a room.

I miss watching him play with the kids. I'm upset that he has missed so much of their lives~ and all of Kodi's life so far.

I miss my best friend. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be my Valentine

The highlight of my day was my hubby remembering and telling me happy Valentine's day. We missed him like crazy today (just like everyday).
Today was 80s day at school~ Kaitee rocked the side pony and Korby the rattail. 
Kenleigh, Kaden, and I made some lovebugs. Kenleigh absolutely loved them.
We also whipped up some valentine cupcakes and for supper made pink chocolate chip pancakes. 
Kaitee came home sick today~ so we'll see how she feels tomorrow.
All and all a pretty good Valentine's day around here, can't wait to have Richard here to share the next one with us.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lent 2013

Once again I have decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I'm not Catholic, but I still try and give up something every year as a personal reminder of what's really important. Two years ago when I gave up Facebook I really thought about canning the social network site all together, so we will see what happens this time.
If you need to contact me after Lent begins you will need to do it by phone or email. (If you do not have my phone number shoot me an email and I'll hook you up)

(Oh and the 365 photo challenge~ totally bombed it again~ FAIL)

Monday, January 7, 2013

365 ~ Day 7

First week of the 365 is in the books! Only 51 weeks to go.

Coloring with Paiton

Today Paiton and Brit came over for a bit. The kids had fun coloring with her & hope to see her again soon. I took her downstairs to see the hedgehogs, and when I moved their blanket they let out a hiss ~ She could not get up the stairs fast enough. I came up to find her hugging her mommy saying, "I was scared!" 

Kaitee had another bad night, but luckily Richard had a few minutes before he headed off to work and called her again. All of the kids got to have a few minutes to talk to daddy before they said goodnight. It's always so good to hear his voice. 

365 ~ Day 6

Kaitee Bug playing with her doll houses

We had a lazy weekend with the kids playing toys and Savannah and I playing some games. The hi-light of our weekend was daddy calling just in time to say good night to the kids on Friday. We are all so ready for the next few months to be over with so we can have Richard back home with us.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

365 ~ Days 4 & 5

Didn't get a chance to post yesterday so it's time to play catch up.

Day 4

Miss Kenleigh playing Captain America 
Day 4 Bonus Photo
Jacalyn & TJohn's hedgehogs having a snack.

 Day 5
Kaden taking a nap with the bear daddy sent him and a photo of daddy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

365 ~ Day 3

Sleeping Kodi

I cannot believe that Kodi is already 7 months old. ~ unreal ~ She is such a good baby, and it makes me sad that he dad is missing all these special baby moments of her life. She is working on getting her knees to cooperate with her on that darn crawling business, and she loves being able to follow people around the house now. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 ~ Day 2

The start of our Daddy Wall

The closer we get to being done with the deployment, the harder it gets on the kids ~ so ~ we've started a "daddy wall." The kids are already really enjoying having all the photos of Richard to look at. I'll be posting updates as we add to the wall. 

Today wrapped up Christmas vacation for the kids, and they are very much looking forward to getting back into the routine of school. {Mom's feeling quite ready herself} 

365 Photo Challenge ~ Day 1

Are you ready to do this? A photo everyday for the next 365! 

I'm getting a day late start, but the photo comes from January 1st, 2013

Mini Tacos 

The first day of 2013 was spent enjoying the company of some of the people I hold dear. We played a few games, watched some movies, and worked together in the kitchen to make a delicious dinner. Susie whipped up some of her famous taco soup, Savannah put together chips and cheese dip, and I made the ever loved mini tacos.
The Koon family is more than ready to get 2013 going and so excited that we're in the home stretch for seeing (or meeting in Kodi's case) DADDY! 

Are you doing a 365 photo challenge this year? If so, link it in the comments so I can follow along. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Letter & Photos

As I sit down to write our family Christmas letter, I find it hard to summon the right words to tell you how this year has impacted our family. Twenty Twelve has brought us great joy, but it has also been a painful year for us and those we love.  I am thankful that the Lord has been by our sides through all of it, and pray for his continued presence in our lives. Bear with me as I try and highlight a few of the things that stand out from the year.
In April, Richard deployed with the 818th Engineer Company to Afghanistan. We miss him very much, but are thankful for the advancements in technology that allow us to keep in frequent contact with him.
This month has been a painful one for the 818th with the loss of two soldiers, and I ask you to keep the families and the soldiers in your prayers.  The loss of these heroes has changed the deployment for all of us. We are now, more than ever, ready for our guys to complete their mission and come home to their loved ones.
Almost a month after daddy said ‘see you later,’ our family welcomed our 6th precious blessing to the ranks. Kodi Christine was born May 25th at 3:33 in the morning on the Clarksburg ambulance in Ohio. She is mommy’s little ray of sunshine this year, and we are all having a blast getting to know this sweet little girl. At the time of this writing Kodi is mastering the ‘Army crawl’ and talking our ears off with her baby jabber. She is looking forward to the spring when she can meet her daddy for the first time.
Kyson (7) is in the 1st grade at Lambert School. He is doing wonderfully in school and consistently brings home high grades. His teacher told me that she is amazed with his knowledge of math and that he is always coming up with math facts that are far beyond what they are working on in his grade. A big highlight to Kyson’s year was seeing his name/photo in the newspaper three times this year. We cherish these memories that we have been able to include in our care packages to daddy.
Kaitee (6) is a kindergartner at Lambert School. Kaitee was able to fly back to the area with Richard in April and spend the summer with Aunty Susie and her family. Susie is an amazing asset and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done (and is doing) for our family. She was able to transition Kaitee to a gluten free, casein free (dairy) diet this summer and it has made a world of difference. We now get to hear our sweet girl’s voice again! Kaitee is doing great in school, and I have to thank the Lambert School system for all the amazing work they have done for us as well. She attends class with the kindergartners in the morning, and when she’s ready she leaves with the amazing Miss Jackie to her very own little classroom to work on her core studies.
Korby (5) is also a kindergartner at Lambert School. He had some difficulty adjusting to being in the structure of a school day, but now seems to be ‘getting it.’ Mrs. Moore has gone above and beyond to help us help Korby. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for these teachers and staff who have helped my entire family this year. Korby‘s big news for 2012 was getting his first pair of glasses! He was ecstatic to get a pair “just like daddy’s.” He was also thrilled to win the Halloween costume contest at The Den in Lambert, with his Lego costume.
Kaden (3) is my little spitfire who keeps me on my toes every day. He always has something to say and happens to be the funniest little three year old I know. (Yes I’m bias) The other day after a trip to Williston, I put my car in park and hear from the back seat, “Thank You for getting us home safely, Mom.” Apparently he has doubts about my driving skills?? Another favorite quote from Kaden this year: Me, “I love you to the Moon.” Kaden, “and to the batmobile?” Yes, Kaden, I love you all the way to the batmobile. One more last minute addition – today Kaden and I were video chatting with Richard (who now sports a mustache) when Kaden says, “Why you got that caterpillar on your face, Dad?”
Kenleigh (2) is my sweet little girly girl. She loves carrying around baby dolls and her teddy bear from daddy.  When someone goes to get her out of bed, the first thing she says is, “baby, teddy!” She really enjoys talking to her dad on skype, and every time I pick up my phone or computer she comes running over yelling DADDY! We can’t wait for daddy to get out of the darn computer and be home with us again.
I am a stay at home mommy to all of these little blessings. I am so thankful to have a hard working husband that makes this possible. I keep myself busy doing crafts and making care packages for my love. Deployment has been hard on all of us, but we’re doing ok and learning how to cope with all of it.
We have been blessed with family who have been willing to open their doors to our crazy big crew this year to help me keep track of my brood. This summer we stayed with Richard’s parents down in Ohio, and in August we moved up here to Lambert with Susie and Chris. Twelve people under one roof, including 3 sisters! Susie and I joke that now we just need our own TLC show.  All jokes aside, it actually works quite well and I’m thankful for all the help and adult company.
As I close this letter for 2012 I ask that you will join me in praying for the safety of the 818th Sappers and everyone who puts themself in harm’s way for our freedoms. Our families could also use your prayers for peace as we continue to mourn the loss of so many precious loved ones.

May 2013 bring you and yours many precious memories to last a lifetime.

                                                                                                            Bekah & Richard
                                                                                    Kyson, Kaitee, Korby, Kaden, Kenleigh, & Kodi

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Kenleigh sporting Aunty Savannah's shades. 

This is the banner the FRG hung on the fence by the Williston High School football field. 

Richard and the guys taking a break from training down in Texas in April

Richard and Kaitee waiting to board the plane back to North Dakota before he deployed. 

Richard and some of the maintenance crew in Maine before they left the states. 

Richard in Maine before he left the states. 

Korby's new glasses. 

Richard in Afghanistan (December)

Richard in Afghanistan (December) 

Kodi Christine 

5 lbs 13 oz 

Korby & Kodi 


Chillin' pool side (Kaden) 

Papaw Robert and Kodi 

It's a girl Care Package for Daddy 

Korby loves his baby sister 

Kenleigh at one of our many fires in Ohio 

Robert and Kyson building an airplane 

Flying the plane 

Pool Fun! 


Kodi in the owl cocoon I made her 


Kodi & Kyson 

First Smiles! 

Look what Grandpa Dave brought! 

Grandma Connie and Grandpa Dave playing with the kids. 

Cousins Freddy & Peyton and the boys 

4th of July 

Getting Tattoos 

Kyson making dad a care package

Gone Fishin' care package 

My new tattoo 

More pool fun! 

A day at the park: 

Kaitee at the parade in Lambert this summer. 

Kenleigh loved the pool.